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Accessories » Bob Brown - Cutting a Lady in Half

Bob Brown - Cutting a Lady in Half

SKU#: 693
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Product Overview:
Effect: Magician shows a custom printed pencil with a full color picture of a new assistant and then offers it for examination... next an ordinary shoelace is introduced as “The Saw”. Now what appears to be an ordinary paper drinking straw is displayed as the legendary “Box” used by those sneaky magicians to hide the girl. The Shoelace (Saw) is securely wrapped around Marianne (Pencil) and the Box (paper straw), while Marianne is locked in place with two rubber bands (used as manacles). Now while in a spectators hand the “Saw”quickly snaps through both the straw and pencil, leaving Marianne in one piece, while the straw is surgically sliced in two. All is left in the hands of the spectator for final examination, but wait the magician now directs his attention to the finger of his volunteer... promptly passing the SAW thru the spectators finger... yet leaving them unharmed.
Product Details:
WHAT YOU GET, Custom manufactured paper straws that facilitate easy operation. Printed pencil with full color picture of Marianne as your assistant. Custom imprinted shoelace that appears to be your razor sharp saw plus... Bob’s original patter and presentation tips! Also... FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous United States. Others please contact us for detailed shipping rates.
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